It is our passion to use creativity to promote wellbeing and social change. We are proud to work collectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and of our active inclusive culture. Inclusion and diversity is valued and celebrated here, and it is the starting point of our work because we know that it benefits everyone.


Creativity for

Activism and Wellbeing

I value the power of creativity as a channel for activism and wellbeing. 

For me community-care and self-care

are inseparable and are very much

a form of activism.

I cherish the power of sharing our stories and our art, and of having

our many ways of existing in

this world witnessed. 

Naming Power

I recognise the importance of naming the power I hold as a white cis queer woman. 

I commit to using the privilege I have to amplify and centre historically oppressed voices.  

“Nothing about

us without us”*

  • I value that people are the experts of their own experience. 

  • I will question whose voices are not in the room and work to avoid promoting a single-story narrative. 

*”Nothing about us without us” slogan came into use in disability activism in the UK in the 1990’s and was popularised by South African Disability Activists Michael Masutha and

William Rowland

Never Finished

I acknowledge that

anti-oppression work requires ongoing education and fully listening to those most impacted.   

I value that there are multiple truths which can be contradictory.

I commit to owning the mistakes I will make along the way and learning from these. 

Centralising Inclusion and Solidarity

I acknowledge that inclusion can be tokenistic, empty, and cold.  I commit to making inclusion the starting and central point of my work, not the afterthought, and to value inclusion as *love in action*. 

For me, inclusion covers the intersections of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender diversity, disability, religion, culture and age, and also beyond. 

I believe that all oppression is connected, and to move towards collective liberation we need an intersectional and interdependence approach. 

I recognise that more inclusion is more inclusion for

everyone; we all benefit.

*”Love in action” comes from Leah Lakshmi

Piepzna-Samarasinha who is a queer disabled femme writer,

organizer, performance artist and educator of

Burgher/Tamil Sri Lankan and Irish/Roma ascent.