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Finding strength through intentional creativity

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Our Creative Well is all about using intentionally utilising craft and creativity to improve mental fitness and wellbeing. Our Creative Well utilises this knowledge and years of experience working with vulnerable people to enable change and to support people to grow in their own sense of wellbeing.

Recent developments in neuroscience have found that mindfulness and meditation can produce feelings of anxiety and cause people to re-experience traumatic memories. Creative activities such as knitting and crochet provides its users with a portable coping mechanism which supports wellbeing through the creation of rhythm and calm to manage stress (Corkhill 2014).

Creative Groups and Workshops
12 Week Programme

“It helps quiet my mind. Concentrating on the colours, lines and shapes takes me away from the noise in

my head.”

Anon (Mind, 2019)

Fortitude Hand.png


Fortitude is a 12-week creative programme which works therapeutically with participants to empower and enable change through the use of intentional creativity.

The foundation of the Fortitude programme is based on the principles from New Economics Foundation’s research and the “5 ways of wellbeing”. Our services seek to empower and connect people to a sense of agency and their community.

The programme offers a safe environment for anyone to develop their own creative coping strategies. I am particularly well-equipped to work with vulnerable groups, who require a trauma-informed approach.


  • Raising confidence and self-esteem.

  • Connection and reduced isolation.

  • Development of a new skill and sense of mastery.

  • Portable, accessible and positive coping mechanism.

  • Increased understanding and experience of wellbeing.

What to expect from an Our Creative Well session: 

  • A warm welcome and a space to get grounded in the session.

  • Facilitators who are experienced and working to be attuned to participant’s needs. 

  • Facilitated group agreement and a sense of safety for all participants.

  • Fun creative project to take home that day.

  • Time to build skills at a particular craft like crochet. 

  • Recentering before we finish and head out into the world.

Fortitude package details:

Our 12-week creative package includes:

  • Delivered in a venue of your choice.

  • 2-hour session.

  • Up to 8 participants.

  • All materials and equipment included.

Cost: Our therapeutic groups start from only £20 per person, per week!*

*Does not include mileage or venue hire.

Location: We are based in Nottingham and London (with mileage being charged for those venues more than 30 minutes travel time), but as a peripatetic we are able to facilitate sessions wherever you have a group. 



Our Creative Well offers bespoke craft kits for organisations looking to engage their service-users or staff from a distance. Each kit contains 4 creative activities which promote wellbeing.  They are simple, accessible and fun which creates a beautiful mindful activity.  The activities have been developed for working with those who have experienced trauma and may have additional needs. 


Please contact us if you have any questions about how our kits could work for your organisation.


Craft Kits

“[The craft kits] had a

huge impact in recent months, the craft kits

have reached hundreds of women, made their days and reminded them that they are being held in

mind during the

strangest of times”

CraftKits header.png

Organisational benefits: 


  • Creates a mechanism for feedback and involvement during a time of isolation and separation. 

  • Supports individual wellbeing for a large group of people without the organisation having to provide a high level of staff commitment 

  • A means by which an organisation can extend care and demonstrate the ability to hold staff and clients in mind.

  • Provides individual wellbeing tools to support resilience and wellbeing without direct contact.  

If it would benefit your organisation, Our Creative Well is able to facilitate a collaborative art project through these packs, for an additional charge. This may be with the aim to feedback or bring people together who are physically distant.


Collaborative Projects already facilitated are: 

  • A creative postcard exchange,

  • Collaborative jigsaw project 

  • A photo mosaic

Craft Kit 1.png
Craft Kit 2.png
Craft Kit 3.png

Buying craft kits from Our Creative Well includes: 

  • Safe and secure postage directly to the individuals receiving them

  • 4 craft and wellbeing activities with clear and simple instructions

  • Cute mailer bag

  • A note from your organisation directly to your service-user

£18 - minimum order of 10 packs 

£15 - minimum order 100 packs

Interested in how our creative wellbeing packs could benefit your organisation?

“When we have

collected feedback over

the last few months the

crafts are consistently the

thing that the women

say they’ve enjoyed the

most of the activities

we’ve provided”


This rainbow photo mosaic was created by women involved with the Pause Creating Change Programme through our craft kits. Photography by Guy Bettison

“I've just received one of

your craft packs by way of pause and it's fabulous and such a wonderful way to distract oneself from the current situation-if only for a short while. I'll be sure to let people know where it came from! Thank you :)”