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Our Creative Well.

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When I launched my career and became a newly-qualified social worker, I was initially allocated young people who all lived more than two hours from where I worked. In a ridiculous bid to survive that first year, I decided to learn to crochet. It started as a way to manage long train journeys when I wasn’t able to work (the dark days before remote working enabled such things) and to alleviate the accompanying stress and anxiety my caseload produced.

Those first few attempts were not beautiful (or even recognisable) but learning to intentionally use craft to manage my own wellbeing became a mainstay of my social work survival kit.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but by trusting that I could learn something new, I was investing in a radical process of self-care. By picking up a crochet hook I was saying to myself "I have enough value that I can create something."

I loved the relationships I built with social work, the possibility it opened up for transformation and change. But after six years of developing a wide-variety of skills, I left social work to work abroad. Without the boundaries of traditional social work, I was able to see how creativity could impact the lives of people both as part of individual work and groups.

It was only then that creativity tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was willing to try something new. Perhaps the skills and experience that I had developed in both craft and social work could co-exist. Maybe there could be a way to sit alongside others and empower them to develop their own intentional, creative coping mechanisms.

And so, Our Creative Well was born.

Our Creative Well is all about using intentionally utilising craft and creativity to improve mental

fitness and wellbeing. Our Creative Well utilises this knowledge and years of experience

working with vulnerable people to enable change and to support people to grow in their own

sense of wellbeing.

Recent developments in neuroscience have found that mindfulness and meditation can

produce feelings of anxiety and cause people to re-experience traumatic memories. Creative

activities such as knitting and crochet provides its users with a portable coping

mechanism which supports wellbeing through the creation of rhythm and

calm to manage stress (Corkhill 2014).

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‘Emma has worked with

three Pause Practices in the last year. She is innovative in her approach and encourages creative activity within a therapeutic and supportive space, this enables women to explore their difficult experiences and mental health in an emotionally safe environment’.

Sue Halstead, National Practice Lead, Pause.


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